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Shlichus Startup Fund
The Ronald O. Perelman partnership

Dear Friends, Shluchim and potential Shluchim;

Following the announcement at the “Kinus” concerning the new fund;  

‘Shlichus’ should be an opportunity open to any young couple with the desire and Mesiras Nefesh to strike new roots and stay the course.
In the past, some highly qualified couples have been unable to fulfill their desire for Shlichus because they lacked the means or backing to sustain themselves during their first two years in a new territory. 
Likewise, some veteran Shluchim whose success in the field made it necessary to bring in additional Shluchim, have found themselves frustrated by lack of funding, and unable on their own to meet the increasing needs of their growing communities. 
Agudas Chasidei Chabad is overjoyed to announce that Mr. Ronald Perelman – National Chairman of American Friends of Lubavitch and a generous supporter of many Chabad activities and programs – is providing a $1 million grant to establish a fund that will help alleviate the foregoing barriers to shlichus. 
The new fund will operate on a ‘matching funds’ basis per the following: 
Each couple will receive a matching grant of $25,000 a year for their first two years of Shlichus, provided they can secure  available funding for an equivalent amount. Such funding can come from their own resources or from the community where they will be serving as Shluchim.
It is especially significant that this announcement is being made at this time, as we are  preparing to mark the Hilula of our dear Rebbe ZYO. The enhanced ability to empower young couples to embark on a lifetime of spreading Torah, Mitzvos and Ahavas Yisroel in Shlichus of the Rebbe is a most fitting way in which to approach Gimmel Tammuz.

We are indeed privileged by the special devotion of the members of the Ad-Hoc Committee who have dedicated themselves for the implementation of this important endeavor. They are Rabbis Yossie Groner, Charlotte, NC, Shea Harlig, Las Vegas, NV, Berel Levertov, Santa Fe, NM, Sholom Lipskar, Surfside, FL, Moshe New, Montreal, QC, and Yitzchok Wolf, Skokie IL.
Indeed, Shlichus is a special Zechus and should be the birthright of all Chassidim. Hopefully there will be no further barriers to anyone who wishes to help spread the Rebbe’s vision. 
With best wishes for a much Hatzlocho,


Va’ad Agudas Chabad HaOlami

Rabbi Abraham Shemtov

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